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Wado No Michi DVD

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This unique DVD contains approximately 2 hours of Wado Karate techniques, performed by Ishikawa sensei, 8th Dan.

The DVD has been recorded in 2006 and was released in January 2007. In this period, Ishikawa sensei was very ill, suffering from cancer and was told not to do anything by doctors advice. Still, he insisted in recording his movement. The results of a lifetime of karate experience and the will power to record so many techniques when advised not to, are on this DVD. We are proud to present the final work of Ishikawa sensei.


streching and warming up

kihon 基本

Ukewaza 受け技
Tsukiwaza 突き技
Uchiwaza 打ち技
Keriwaza 蹴り技
Renrakuwaza 連絡技

Techniques shown as in basic practise or from naihanchi dachi. Close up features are used as well and explanations with a partner.

kumite 組手


Sanbon gumite chudan uke 1 to 10. 三本組手中段受け
Sanbon gumite jodan uke 1 to 10. 三本組手上段受け
Sanbon gumite Maegeri uke 1 to 10. 三本組手前蹴り受け
Ohyo gumite 1 to 10. 応用組手
Kihon gumite 1 to 10. 基本組手
Tanto dori: 10 短刀捕り
Idori: 10 居捕り

Techniques are shown from 2 angles, including a slow-motion and a close up detail.

kata 形

Pinan sho-, ni-, san-, yon-, godan 平安初段, 二段, 三段, 四段, 五段
Kushanku クーシャンクー
Naihanchi ナイハンチ
Seishan セイシャン
Chinto チントウ
Jitte ジッテ
Jion ジオン
Bassai バッサイ
Wanshu ワンシュウ
Rohai ローハイ
Niseishi ニーセイシ

All kata are shown from more then one angle. The kata are explained with a partner as well. 解説

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