Nukina Sensei

2nd Technical Advisor

Nukina sensei's karate is second to none. This is my experience, and like Ishikawa sensei used to say to me "you have seen a lot Japanese Instructors by now". I still vividly remember the first time I saw his tremendous speed and control in 2006. Wow!That is something we did not see before. Especially considering my age (22 at the time), by the time I met the older Japanese Instructors they were already passed their prime. At the time I met the current 2nd Technical Advisor of Federation European Wadokai, Nukina sensei was 32 years old!


Not just speed for kumite

I was a fanatic as I have always been so I tried to see how approachable he was, and he was. It was clear that he was not just quick or received his first places ('94 &'95) in the Japanese National Championship (student category) with competition karate tactics. No.. he had clear understanding of karate and applied that knowlegde in combination with his high speed, control and flexibility. But where did he get that knowlegde from? It was always my understanding that in Japan there was hardly such thing as verbal transmission. Perhaps this is happening in the private Dojo's, but not in the universities. Nukina sensei told me, as he also wrote for the introduction of my book, that in the beginning he mainly studied by repetition and feeling the movement. It was at later age that he started to develop his theory.

Whether it was fate or coincidence..

Nukina sensei met his wife in Japan and finally moved to Romania in 2002 to spread Wado Karate. He has been working with Ishikawa sensei and of course Sakagami sensei to spread karate and to preserve his Japanese identity through karate.

Nukina sensei has worked with Ishikawa sensei for years and after Ishikawa sensei passed away in August 2008, he continued to support me and we did many Gasshuku together. I saw his quality in 2006 and am forever in his debt for being responsible for a big part of the development of my karate.

As the 2nd Technical Advisor, Nukina sensei continues to make efforts to assist karateka to develop their karate.


AJ van Dijk - 11-07-2013