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Wadokai Karate Book Special Edition

Wadokai Karate Special Edition vol 1

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Download the previewDownload the preview of this 54 A4 page Special Edition Wadoryu karate book filled with crisp photos and clear explanations containing Ido Kihon, Pinan Kata and Kihon Kumite, featuring: K. Sakagami & N. Nukina sensei.


A.J. van Dijk has produced this first Special Edition Wado Book for FEW Federation European Wadokai to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the FEW European Wadokai Championship. This year (2013) the Championship will be held in Portugal. Wadokai Portugal, a member of FEW organised the event in collaboration with Wadokai England, also a FEW member country. A.J. van Dijk, the current FEW General Secretary and President & Chief Instuctor of Wadokai Holland, has produced this book on behalf of Wadokai Holland for FEW in collaboration with Aiwakai featuring the 1st and 2nd technical advisor of FEW, Sakagami and Nukina sensei. All photos are taken and edited by A.J. van Dijk at the Annual Wadokai Karate Summer Camp 2013, held in Holland the last week of July 2013. The content of this book will give you a general understanding of the techniques presented.

This 54 page Special Edition collectors item contains:

  • 6 Ido Kihon
  • Pinan Shodan
  • Pinan Nidan
  • Pinan Sandan
  • Pinan Yondan
  • Pinan Godan
  • Kihon Kumite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • 5 Kihon Kumite Ohyo
  • 5 Tanto Dori


WADOKAI KARATE #1 Special Editon Collectors Item

Featuring: K. Sakagami & N. Nukina
Author: A.J. van Dijk

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