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Wado Karate Book - Wado No Michi

Wado No Michi

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of this 512 A4 page Wadoryu karate instructional book filled with clear photos and detailed explanations containing all Kihon, all Kata and all Kumite, written by A.J. van Dijk.

It is the most recent production on Wado Ryu Karate as well as the most extensive work on Wado Karate available on the planet. Check the preview of the book and get a true impression of the quality of this Wado Karate Book. We are proud to mention that Wado No Michi has been sold to more than 20 countries WorldWide! Thank you all for your support!


recommended by other instructors

This Wado Ryu Karate Book is recommended by other instructors such as Nobuyuki Nukina, David Shephard and Peter May.

– Nobuyuki Nukina
“Since my first meeting with him, through many gasshuku, practices, conversations, e-mails and chats, he has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. Even though your karate practice may not reach completion within your lifetime, this book will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate. ” 

– David Shephard
“This book not only gives step by step instructions to Wado, but also the reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well as the correct mental attitude required for the techniques of Wado Ryu.” 

– Peter May
“A.J.’s thirst for knowledge was apparent even in his younger years, always questioning, always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado. Over his years of study A.J. was diligent in collecting information from many sources and studying the slightly different interpretations that can occur within the Wadokai – Wadoryu – Wado Kokusai way. He has painlessly researched and cross referenced these differences within the three main styles of Wado, his clear interpretations and explanations of Wado technique are clearly shown in this publication.” 


recent footage of the author

Have you seen the recent footage of the author? Sit back and enjoy Wado Videos of his seminars that will show you why this Wado Karate book is recommended by other instructors.







Introduction, history, etiquette and mentality 3



What is karate?  8

History of Wadoryu 8

History of N. Ishikawa sensei 9



Musubikata 14

Reishiki 15

Tachi rei  15

Za rei  16



Mentality 17



Purpose of Kihon 22

Kamae 22

Nukeru 22

Itsuki 22

Koshi 23

Hiza no nuki 23

Ukimi 23

Kime 23

Momentum 23

What is seichusen 24

External Power, Gravity 24

Connected body movement 24

External muscle 25

Internal muscle 25

Ten Chi Jin 25



Musubi dachi 28

Heisoku dachi 28

Shizentai 28

Hidari shizentai 28

Junzuki dachi 29

Gyakuzuki dachi 29

Tsukkomi dachi 29

Kokutsu dachi 29

Shomen neko ashi 30

Hanmi neko ashi 30

Mahanmi neko ashi 30

Shiko dachi 30

Nagashizuki dachi 31

Naihanchi dachi 31

Yoko Seishan dachi 31

Tate Seishan dachi  31

Hanmi dachi 32

Heiko dachi 32

Moto dachi 32

Gyaku neko ashi dachi 32


SHIYOU BUI (parts used)

Seiken 44

Tettsui 44

Uraken 45

Shuto 45

Nukite 48

Hiraken 48

Haito 49

Teisho 46

Hitosashiyubi ipponken 47

Oyayubi ipponken 47

Nakadaka ipponken 46

Koken 50

Hirabasami 50

Kumate 51

Koko 51

Nekote 52

Shishu 52

Koshi, Maegeri 42

Haisoku, Mawashigeri 43

Sokuto, Sokutogeri 44

Kakato, Ushirogeri 45

Gesokutei, Mikazukigeri, 46 

(ushiro) Uramawashigeri 47

Hiza, Hizageri 48



Jodan uke 50

Gedan barai 51

Uchi uke 52

Soto uke 53

Shuto uke 54

Nagashi uke 55

Osae uke 56

Harai uke 57

Kake uke 58

Teisho uke 59

Otoshi uke 60

Tettsui uke 61

Hiji uke 62

Hirate uke 63

Juji uke 64

Haishu uke 65

Sukui uke 66

Hasami uke 67

Tsuki uke 68



Introduction to ido kihon 70

presentation of techniques 70

Methods of movement: Ayumi ashi, Tsugi ashi, Surikomi ashi, Yori ashi, Hiki mae ashi 71

(kette) Junzuki 72

(kette) Gyakuzuki 74

(kette) Junzuki no tsukkomi 76

(kette) Gyakuzuki no tsukkomi 78

Tobikomizuki 80

Tobikomi-nagashizuki 82



Purpose of kata 86

Kata kaisetsu 86

Presentation of techniques 87

Centre line shifting 87

Pinan Shodan 89

Pinan Nidan  101

Pinan Sandan 113

Pinan Yondan 125

Pinan Godan 143

Kushanku 157 

Naihanchi 185

Seishan 203

Chinto 223

Jitte 247

Jion 261

Rohai 285

Bassai 291

Niseishi 321

Wanshu 341



Formally opening and closing yakusoku gumite 362

Torimi and Ukemi 364

Maai 364

Mazakai 364

Kiai 364

Ichi Go Ichi E 364

Machite Kakete 364

Sente 364

Go no sen 364

Sen no sen 365

Sen sen no sen 365

Suki 365

Hiki komi 365

Shikaku 365

Metsuke 365

Zanshin 365

Kokyu 365

San mi Ittai 366

Ten I 366

Ten Tai 366

Ten Gi 366

Nagasu 366

Noru 366

Inasu 366

Meotode 366

Irimi 366

Otosu 367

Kuzushi 367



Ipponme 370

Nihonme 372

Sanbonme 374

Yonhonme 376

Gohonme 378

Ropponme 380

Nanahonme 382

Hachihonme 384

Kyuhonme 386

Jyupponme 390



Ipponme 392

Nihonme 394

Sanbonme 396

Yonhonme 398

Gohonme 400

Ropponme 402

Nanahonme 404

Hachihonme 406

Kyuhonme 408

Jyupponme 410



Ipponme 414

Nihonme 416

Sanbonme 418

Yonhonme 420

Gohonme 422

Ropponme 424

Nanahonme 426

Hachihonme 428

Kyuhonme 430

Jyupponme 432



Ipponme 436

Nihonme 438

Sanbonme 440

Yonhonme 442

Gohonme 444

Ropponme 446

Nanahonme 448

Hachihonme 450

Kyuhonme 452

Jyupponme 454



Introduction and analysis of kihon gumite 458

Ipponme 460

Nihonme 462

Sanbonme 464

Yonhonme 466

Gohonme 468

Ropponme 472

Nanahonme 474

Hachihonme 476

Kyuhonme 478

Jyupponme 480



Ude garami dori 484

Kote nage dori 486

Unga dori 488

Eri nage dori 490

Zu dori 492

Hiki tate dori 494

Hiki otoshi dori 496



Te dori 500

Zu dori 502

Ashi dori 504

Hiki dori 506

Hiji te kansetsu gyaku tori nage 508

Gozen dori 510

Shumoku dori 512







Een buitengewoon mooi, goed en leerzaam boek. De kwaliteit spat er vanaf. Chapeau!
Jaap Bol

My first long term Martial Art was Wadokai Karate-do under the dutch instructor and international champion Sensei Ludwig Kotzebue. Since his well deserved pension, I now teach his junior department. The Wado No Michi book is one of the best guides we use. The information provided is extremely thorough and very clearly depicted. It's obvious the author spend a lot of time and effort in creating this great book and I am sure his Masters and students were/are very proud of him for doing so.

Een uitstekend boek en naslagwerk. Zit goed en logisch in elkaar. Blij dat ik het aangeschaft heb.
Jaap Bol

I am impressed with the quality and the quantity of information about Wado Ryu that is contain in the book. It is beautifully presented in superior quality paper. It is a book that I will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks for the work you have done contributing to spread Wado Ryu around the world, following your masters path.

Since March 1980 I am a practitioner of Wado Ryu under Isamu Mitsuhashi Sensei. I have in my library 20 books about this style, but WADO NO MICHI is the BEST. Full of technical details, theory, terminology, history... is a treasure for any Wado stylist, needed for mastery of this martial art. Best pictures, best information, best quality, best price !! The Mexican Wado Ryu say you : CONGRATULATIONS.

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