Ishikawa Sensei


Ishikawa Naoki

N. Ishikawa sensei
Born 4 april 1942, in Karafto, Japan
(Karafto is in the north of the japanese island Hokkaido. The island Hokkaido is one of the most northern islands of Japan. Karafto lies nearly on the same level as Stockholm, Sweden.
1 son, Hiroki, born in 1981.
Hobby: dogs, golf  


growing up

Ishikawa sensei lived in Sapporo (+- 1million residents) (level of Muchen, Germany) till he was 12 years old. After that Ishikawa sensei lived in the big city Nagoya (+- 3 million people) (level: Lyon, France). Nagoya lies on the main island of Japan, named Honshu.



Ishikawa sensei studied economics at the Chukyo university in Nagoya from 1960 to 1964 and has a bachelor degree. After this, Ishikawa sensei studied a year human anatomy at the same university.


karate history: Japan

Ishikawa sensei started karate when he was 14 years old. At this age Ishikawa sensei was busy with sports like athletics and baseball. His father practised Kendo, but Ishikawa sensei didn't like this at all and was more interested in Judo and Karate. Ishikawa sensei started with Judo, but because he was so skinny, it didn't fit him. Coincedentaly next to the Judo dojo was a Karate dojo where they practised Wado Karate. Ishikawa sensei was very interested so he started Karate in this dojo.

At the age of 18 (1960) Ishikawa sensei received his 1st dan degree (black belt) in Wado Karate. Back then it was a very good, because the highest graded Wado karateka in Japan was a 5th dan. (in Judo the highest graded was a 10th dan.) At the age of 21 he received his 2nd dan and at 24 years (1966) his 3rd dan. After this Ishikawa sensei went to Europe by request of Kono Sensei to promote Wado Karate and give lessons in Holland.


karate history: Europe 1966 - 1978

In december 1966 Ishikawa sensei came to Europe as an assistant of Kono Sensei. Ishikawa sensei assisted Kono Sensei in teaching Wado Karate to Judo teachers. Back then the highest dutch Wado Karateka was a blue belt!

Ishikawa sensei teached karate for a few years in Holland (1967). After that he spend several months in England to teach. France was next -requested by Mochizuki sensei- to teach Wado Karate. Ishikawa sensei teached not only in Paris, but throughout whole of France. Ishikawa sensei also gave seminars in Belgium and Germany. Around 1971 Holland seeked a Japanese karate teacher, since Kono sensei left to Germany. in 1971 Ishikawa sensei returned to Holland (amsterdam) to teach Wado Karate.

In the beginning Ishikawa sensei only teached Karate teachers. Later, Ishikawa sensei went to other sportschools and teachers of sportschools invited Ishikawa sensei to give seminars.

Ishikawa sensei also gave many demonstrations and special seminars such as summercamps, weekend training, etc.. In 1970 the first union was created: Wado Kai Europe. Ishikawa sensei was from 1970 to 1978 General Secretary. In the period of 1966 to 1978 (12 years) Ishikawa sensei gave a major contribution to the popularity and proffesionalisation of Wado Karate in Holland.


karate history: Europe 1978 - 1989

In this period karate was less populair and there were problems about the way how Wado Karate should develop itself. In this period Ishikawa sensei was continiously busy to spread Wado Karate and promote it, by teaching, giving demonstrations and seminars.


karate history: Europe 1989 - 1999

In 1989 a succesful attempt to promote Wado Karate in Europe was created with the new union: WIKF. This Wado International Karate Federation (Wado Kokusai) was created to gave the popularity and further spread of WADO a boost.

This WIKF was under leadership of Hanshi T. Suzuki, 8th dan, who lead this organisation from his homebase London, England. By request of Hanshi T. Suzuki, Ishikawa sensei became, during 1989-1999, Chief Instructor Europe of the WIKF.


karate history: Europe 1999 - 2008

During the WIKF period Ishikawa sensei felt more and more urge to follow the traditional Wado Karate according to the style and the rules from grandmaster Ohtsuka as it was and is promoted at the homebase in Japan. In 1998 Ishikawa sensei contacted Hanshi Takashima (8th dan) in Japan. Ishikawa sensei knows Takashima sensei from his studenttime, when Takashima sensei teached to students from the university.

Ishikawa sensei knew that Takashima sensei was one of the few who still trained with grandmaster Ohtsuka the last period of Ohtsuka's life. So, he was close to the founders teaching traditional Wado Karate and preserving such. Takashima sensei has visited Holland on several occasions.

Ishikawa sensei kept on promoting and teaching the traditional Wado Karate finally untill his death, 21 August 2008.

We continue his legacy.